Checking and machining tools for Creo NC

In Creo NC, there is no option for checking the completeness of tool definitions.

If tools are created manually or imported from a tool database, there is a risk that they will be incomplete and thus not usable in Creo Manufacturing.
vktool supports you in the creation, modification and correction of tools.

Functions in vktool:

  • Listing of all necessary and optional features for the tool (parameters, dimensions and coordinate systems)
  • Listing of components for multi-part 3D tools
  • Representation of the characteristics by categories:
    • mandatory / optional
    • defined / not defined
    • changeable / not changeable
    • Coordinate system
    • Parameters
    • Dimension
  • Supported tools:
    • 3D single part
    • 3D assembly
    • Parameter tool

Add, modify and delete features (not in the free version)